If you are someone who writes professionally, chances are good that you have a basic form that you typically follow, even if you don’t realize it. Although there is certainly nothing wrong with having your own writing style, especially if you are making a nice living from it and are happy with the things that you have written, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider making changes every now and then. By changing the way that you write Read the rest of this entry »

The most awful thing about being a writer? You mean, besides the long hours, low pay and bad posture from spending all those hours crouched over a keyboard and a computer screen?

It’s writer’s block.

It’s that feeling that somewhere deep inside you, the words are there. The problem is that you just can’t seem to bring them to light.

When writer’s block happens to you, try a simple exercise: Write something funny.

Sigmund Freud tells us that humor is one of the very few ways Read the rest of this entry »

Writing is a process that requires hard work and perseverance, but it also requires inspiration. What many people are not aware of is that inspiration is something that requires practice. It does not come out of the blue, and practiced writers know how to find inspiration in things that other people gloss over. In the process of becoming a more clear, more practiced writer, consider how to find inspiration in odd places.

The old saying goes that if you want to be a writer, you need to be a reader. Some people fear that this will make them derivative, but the truth is that it provides them with a growth medium. Think about plants and how they use compost to grow. Reading activates the mind and provides a blooming writer with things to think about. When a writer reads, they are taking in ideas and concepts that might be new to them.

Watch TV
Flip on the TV to a new movie or show that you’ve never seen. Explore new ideas and maybe you’ll come up with a good writing topic. Brainstorm ideas related to things you see on TV. Try www.direct2tv.com and you’ll get TV channels that are full of inspiration.

Be Observant
Writers need to be people who think actively about the things around them, especially if they are people who write fiction. The world is full of strange and rather wonderful things. Many of these things happen every day; it is only that they go unnoticed. Look for the stories that are happening all around, pay attention to the way that people express themselves and consider what small things mean.

Switch It Up
Good fiction, whether it is fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction or general fiction, all starts with a basic premise that begins “what if…?” Many stories and novels start with a simple concept switched on its head. This is a fantastic game for writers to play, even if it never goes anywhere. Good stories show people a different way to think about things, and writers need to think about how they can show that to their readers.

Try Things
Not every short story or novel has to be a winner, and at the end of the day, it is all practice. Even if an idea seems unformed or imperfect, try to write it anyway. Any idea is worth pursuing, so try following some odd ones and seeing where the results end up.

As a new writer, you can find thousands of tips to help you get started in a writing career. The thing that is consistent in every how-to about writing is to write every day. Although there are too many other things competing for our time and attention, the best thing you can do for yourself is to set a writing schedule.

Whether an organized planner or not, you have to schedule your writing time. I know, with all of those car Read the rest of this entry »

In a world of spell check and other inventions, many people are doing away with their dictionaries. This is unfortunate, however, because using a dictionary is the only true way to guarantee proper spelling in your school work or in the professional world. Although many spell checkers do a pretty good job of checking your work, they often miss a lot of words, and they will not clue you in if you are using the wrong form of a word. If you are unsure of the spelling or meaning Read the rest of this entry »

Many times when you write you are at a loss for words, or you keep using the same word over and over again. One tool that can help you with this problem is a thesaurus. A thesaurus is a resource that gives you synonyms or other words for the word that you are using. For example, if you want to get another word for person, just look up that word. You will see words like being, human, creature, character, and so forth. Now a days you do not even need to have a Read the rest of this entry »

As a writer, it is vital that you stay focused on your subject. Unfortunately, the outside world contains plenty of little distractions and annoyances that can draw your attention away from your work. Exterior noise such as loud traffic and leafblowers is often unavoidable, and if you are sharing your workspace with other people, you might also have to deal with random chatter or the shuffling of papers. Most writers know only too well how frustrating such distractions can be.

Fortunately, you can easily cancel out outside noise while you write with music. Putting on music while you Read the rest of this entry »

Every writer gets that feeling from time to time. You’re at your desk, sitting in front of the same screen you’ve been staring at for five hours. Your pace seems to have slowed considerably, your eyes feel strained, and you’re now at the point at which you can’t think of what else to write. This is just the time to take a break. It is important to take regular breaks when doing any kind of work that involves concentration and serious thought, and the same rule applies to writing. It can be tempting to work straight through and keep at it until your task is complete, but your writing will suffer for it. If you don’t refresh yourself, http://www.directtelevisionpackages.com, you will almost certainly start to tire, and you’ll be more likely to write fluff just to get your project out of the way. If you feel like you’ve hit a mental block, get out of your chair and stretch, get some water, and clear your mind. Don’t worry about losing time; your work will still be there when you feel like returning to it. In fact, taking breaks is vital to keeping your writing fresh. It will also help you both keep your body active and avoid eye strain as a result of prolonged computer work.If you like what you see, keep going: Eye Strain Free Habits