April 9, 2018

Tips to find inspiration for writing

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Writing is a process that requires hard work and perseverance, but it also requires inspiration. What many people are not aware of is that inspiration is something that requires practice. It does not come out of the blue, and practiced writers know how to find inspiration in things that other people gloss over. In the process of becoming a more clear, more practiced writer, consider how to find inspiration in odd places.

The old saying goes that if you want to be a writer, you need to be a reader. Some people fear that this will make them derivative, but the truth is that it provides them with a growth medium. Think about plants and how they use compost to grow. Reading activates the mind and provides a blooming writer with things to think about. When a writer reads, they are taking in ideas and concepts that might be new to them.

Watch TV
Flip on the TV to a new movie or show that you’ve never seen. Explore new ideas and maybe you’ll come up with a good writing topic. Brainstorm ideas related to things you see on TV. Try www.direct2tv.com and you’ll get TV channels that are full of inspiration.

Be Observant
Writers need to be people who think actively about the things around them, especially if they are people who write fiction. The world is full of strange and rather wonderful things. Many of these things happen every day; it is only that they go unnoticed. Look for the stories that are happening all around, pay attention to the way that people express themselves and consider what small things mean.

Switch It Up
Good fiction, whether it is fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction or general fiction, all starts with a basic premise that begins “what if…?” Many stories and novels start with a simple concept switched on its head. This is a fantastic game for writers to play, even if it never goes anywhere. Good stories show people a different way to think about things, and writers need to think about how they can show that to their readers.

Try Things
Not every short story or novel has to be a winner, and at the end of the day, it is all practice. Even if an idea seems unformed or imperfect, try to write it anyway. Any idea is worth pursuing, so try following some odd ones and seeing where the results end up.